All wood offers a grounding energy to the wearer as well as warmth and texture. It’s also such a commonly used material that there are always discarded or found pieces available for us to incorporate into our designs.

Over the years and the different collections we have used Mahogany, Grey Wood, Tiger Kamagong, Dark Alder wood and White Wood among others. Wood is the perfect material for upcycling and repurposing due to the unique grain of each piece and the ease with which it can be shaped and cut to showcase its beauty no matter the context.


Our favourite wood material by far is Driftwood. We have used Driftwood across numerous collections and in our displays and shops since the very beginning. Each piece is sourced from the wives of fishermen on Philippine islands or found by Jeanine from walks on the beach on her travels. We love the heritage and story that each piece contains and the perfect circularity of working with a material that nature has left for us to find!

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