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We are proud to have an inspiring network of changemakers, influencers, celebrities, and filmmakers as part of the niin family. Our jewellery has been celebrated and showcased by Kate Moss, Nicole Scherzinger, Olivia Buckingham, Katrina Razon, Amanda Strang, Shanty Paredes, Cindy Bishop, Angie Ng, Jocelyn Luko-Sandstrom and Sean Lee-Davies.


Each piece is unique and each collection has a story. I love anything with a good story. And I love the ethos behind the brand and its commitment to tread more lightly on the earth. Sustainable, guilt-free and gorgeous. What more could you ask for?

- Cindy Bishop, TV host and model n i i n Ambassador

TV host and model n i i n
Private investor and co-producer

I love n i i n’s ethos that’s built on sustainability and women empowerment. Not many jewellery brands are actively involved with the communities of their supply chains the way niin is.

- Katrina Razon, Private investor and co-producer of Wonderfruit Festival n i i n Ambassador

Shanty Paredes

Kate Moss & Jeanine Hsu

Alexandra Aguilera/ Crazy Rouge, Olivia Buckingham

Amanda Strang

Lisa Haydon

Angie Ng

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The HK based Jewelry brand niin is grounded in the concept of up cycling and its cool and innovative founder Jeanine Hsu obtains discarded wood and driftwood collected by fisherman’s wives in the Philippines

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With so many brands trying to capitalise on the sustainability trend, it’s good to see long-time champions like niin who support these important values, with authenticity from the start. Jeanine is a true avocate of creativity for good

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Jeanine Hsu is passionate about making a positive impact. Her jewellery label, niin, does so with sustainable and ethical practices at its core. Clearly, the world of fashion is a better place for this Central Saint Martin’s graduate

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