Naturally Beautiful

niin was founded in 2009 by celebrated jewellery designer Jeanine Hsu. With an ethos of treading lightly on the Earth, niin has built an international following for its nature-rich, diverse, and sustainable boho-chic jewellery and accessories.

Jeanine’s optimism and energy are what define niin, and the brand’s approach to creativity, collaboration, and community. From day one, niin has embarked on positive partnerships with charities, brands, and individuals who share a commitment to sustainable practices and environmental responsibility.

Every time she designs, Jeanine makes sure each piece stays true to niin’s values of preservation, conservation, and beauty. The thread that runs through every niin collection is the desire for each beautifully-crafted piece to tell its own unique story: from discarded precious natural materials to a repurposed and coveted keepsake. niin collections are evergreen and for all occasions—earth-conscious everyday pieces and bold statement designs.

niin is for those who celebrate the perennial beauty of nature for its healing, inspiring, uplifting and life-giving powers.

Positive Energy

Positive Energy

Endlessly inspired by and respectful of Mother Nature, niin embraces the perfect imperfections and everlasting elements of the natural world. The brand has a unique aesthetic, bringing rediscovered objects and natural materials together. The final results are exquisite labours of love, which hold healing and restorative qualities, and bestow their wearers with both elegance and a sense of something truly good.

Every material found in niin designs has a purpose beyond aesthetics. Wood is grounding, shells are purifying, quartz is awakening, and more. In this way, each accessory or piece of jewellery carries a positive energy that can be channelled not only from nature to humans but also from humans to nature.

why I founded niin

I founded niin because I wanted to design and create work that represented my sustainability values and my vision for a world where we live in balance and harmony with nature. At the age of 21, I graduated from Central Saint Martins and embarked on a career in the fashion industry. The fast pace and talent the industry is known for was exciting, but its effects on me were short-lived when I recognised the waste, environmental impact, and questionable ethics in this broken model.

On a trip to the Philippines, I found myself watching the wives of fishermen collect driftwood from the beaches in the evening. Struck by their positivity, community, and sense of peace, I felt truly inspired for the first time in a long time and began sketching, incorporating their findings into my jewellery designs. This was when I first saw niin pieces start to take shape.

Why I founded niin


Speaker on Conscious Design, Wonderfruit Festival, 2019

Tatler “Generation T” List, 2018

Eco Warrior Award Winner, Women of Hope, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation, 2017

Panellist at the Conscious Creativity Festival, 2017

International Design Award (IDA Bronze for Umbra Collection), 2015

Artist-in-Residence, Hong Kong School of Creativity, 2009

Lecturer and speaker in Jewellery Design, Hong Kong Design Institute, and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

niin has been sold at Harrods, Selfridges, and Lane Crawford.