Materials that tell a story

Jeanine takes inspiration from her surroundings and the inherent properties of natural and found materials to create niin’s sustainable jewellery and accessories. She is a modern-day treasure hunter: seeking out discarded materials such as abalone shells and stone, as well as items found abundantly in nature like driftwood. For the past 10 years, niin has partnered with one of Asia’s top FSC-certified wood furniture factories, who provide their precious offcuts for us to repurpose in our designs.

We are always looking for new ways to embrace and embody our sustainability efforts. All future niin collections, and those currently being developed, will be handcrafted in recycled metals and we aim to use only recycled gold and silver by 2024.

To us, there is beauty in intention. By treating our materials with reverence and creativity, we proudly show how even things that have been discarded can be transformed into treasures, and that true luxury is the result of care, craft, and meaning.

Committed to the cause / our calling

niin has a profound respect for nature that can be missing in modern life. Our ethos and commitment to using recycled, repurposed, or sustainable materials and production methods wherever possible, is an essential part of who we are. niin’s evergreen designs exist to not only adorn our customers and highlight their individuality, but to serve as emblems that inspire a more compassionate, sustainable, and harmonious way of living on our beautiful planet.

We may tread lightly on the earth, but we do not take our responsibilities to others lightly. Our suppliers and artisans adhere to fair and safe labour practices and have been thoroughly verified and vetted based on their sustainable credentials by the Responsible Jewellery Council: the world’s leading standard-setting organisation for the jewellery and watch industry.