The Gaia Fine Collection

The Gaia Fine Collection Launch

Last month, niin launched our first ever line of fine jewellery with the Gaia Fine Collection.  

An exciting new evolution in niin’s pursuit to raise awareness for environmental concerns and ethical jewellery design, the Gaia Fine Collection is about solidarity with our earth.


These designs celebrate the beauty of nature with jewellery hand-crafted to showcase environmental elements and endangered species in need or our protection.

Organic, intricate and elegant, each piece from the Gaia Fine Collection has been created using conflict-free precious stones and 18 carat gold. Each unique design is a reminder of what our incredible planet and her creatures face, inspiring us to protect and preserve what was here long before us.

The collection features 6 core themes (Cirrus - Climate Change, Banyan – Rainforests, Coralline - Coral Reefs, Mare - Oceans, Khan - Tigers, Scalene - Shark Finning), which have been interpreted into 12 limited edition pieces including earrings, rings, pendant necklaces, and bracelets.

“Each design reflects an environmental issue that I feel very strongly about,” said niin Founder and Designer, Jeanine Hsu, “I have loved the opportunity to work with these conflict-free stones to create designs that truly mean something to me, and hopefully to the niin family,”

With prices ranging from HKD $9750, the limited edition pieces are an amazing investment to any jewellery enthusiast. The Gaia Fine Collection comes packaged in beautiful hand-finished display boxes made from sustainably-sourced wood from Australia.

A massive thanks to our friends, The KEE Club and Caudalie, for helping us make the event possible, and a special thanks to Maurice at The Stalk Room for his absolutely amazing displays.

On behalf of Jeanine and the entire niin team, we thank you for all your love and support and hope you had fun sharing the excitement of the Gaia Fine Collection xo

To view these special pieces and discuss any custom-designs, please call us to book your private appointment on +852 2878 8811 or email

For more event photos from the night, please visit the niin Facebook page.