meet the mum:me: Jo Soo Tang

Meet philanthropic mum:me, Jo Soo Tang. She created the Women of Hope Awards and Fundraiser Luncheon (WOH) to celebrate a bigger community of inspiring women in support of the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation (HKAHF).

Mum of three, Mischa, 12, Myles, 9 and Mia, 6. Jo Soo created her collection with Mischa and Mia, choosing jade, white agate and white pearls because the colours go well together. 

While looking lovely together, jade is the stone of the heart, moonstone is for balancing the heart and pearls represent purity, innocence, faith, all stones that come together to represent the pure love of a mother and child. 

This busy mama manages her days around her younger children's schedules from dropping them off to picking them up every day. While the kids have activities after school, to ensure maximum family time by having the classes come to her home. 

In the evenings, the kids all get one on one time with her and her husband when he's in town. Communication is key in their family, to share and everyone is in bed by 7:30 pm, leaving her with lots of "me time" to get through projects or step out for a date! 

Jo Soo's mum:me truth: 

“Let your children be themselves and watch how they will amaze you. Don’t pressure them to be who they are not as they won’t be happy in the long-run and spend as much time with them as you can.”   


Photographed by Paul Sunga