meet the mum:me: Alice Keswick

Meet mum:me, Alice Keswick, studied at Central Saint Martin's and after more than ten years in the fashion industry with Evisu and her own label Wondaland, this busy mum:me is working on bespoke residential interior design projects in Hong Kong. 

Mum:me to Coco (almost 5) and Grace (almost 2), they love heading to visit their dad, GM of the Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel for meals at the Clipper Lounge during the week to balance their family time and head out to their weekend home in South Lantau, playing outside or making a mess indoors! 

For their bracelets, they picked moonstone, yellow moss agate and pearls for their design. She was particularly drawn to yellow moss agate which helps with sensitivities to weather and pollution, something we all need a little help with here in Hong Kong. 

Her household wakes up by 7am but Alice is usually up earlier to squeeze in 10 mins of meditation using the Headspace app. She's also recently included into her morning routine drinking a cup of warm water with a teaspoon of Cult Vinegar, before needing those 2 cups of black coffee! 

Alice's mum:me truth: 

"Pick your battles, and remember that no one is perfect! And if in doubt, just tickle them!" 



Photographed by Paul Sunga