Just Eggs Made From Plants

In the past few years, veganism has become a huge trend across the world. The reason behind this trend is because of the increasing awareness of environmental issues, animal rights and more. Others would argue that vegetarian and vegan meals are tasteless and lack variety as only vegetables and bean curds are available.

However, as veganism becomes increasingly popular, there has also been a growing interest in meat replacements. For example, a San Francisco based vegan food company, Just, has recently launched in Hong Kong and introduced a vegan scrambled egg – Just Scrambled, made with plants.

This plant-based ‘egg’ is made with mung beans, it has high protein content and zero cholesterol. Considering the production process emits lower carbon emission than that of an egg, Just Scramble is undeniably a healthy alternative for us and the Earth. They are obviously not going to be sold in an eggshell, but instead, they are packaged in a bottle. The method of cooking Just Scramble is the same as ordinary scrambled eggs, pour them into a pan and stir gently, it will then solidify and ready to be served.

Even though the dish itself looks no different from a real ‘scrambled egg’, the taste and flavour are what attracted people the most. According to reviews, the texture of this scrambled goodness is very comparable to scrambled eggs, but when it comes to the taste, it is still a bit lacking. However, some claimed that topping Just Scramble off with Just Mayo, a vegan mayonnaise, makes the perfect combination for the vegan scrambled eggs.

As this plant-based food is being introduced to replace egg, vegans can now enjoy an easy full English breakfast or even a Japanese Oyakodon (Chicken and Egg Rice Bowl)!