How do you tread lightly on the earth?

The urgency for a greener lifestyle has never been more prominent as the Great Barrier Reef is dying and even one of the most remote islands, Henderson Island is covered in plastic.

We all know that climate change is occurring or at the very least, our planet is suffering and we are at a tipping point where we we people need to start making changes in our lives where possible. 

Saving the planet and the waters doesn't have to be a task that's too grand or only for legislators to deal with as we all have a responsibility to tread lightly on the earth. At niin, we've created small cards this year for you to keep in your wallet as a reminder to bring just a few extra things as you step out into your day. 


1. Ditch the plastic straws and pick yourself up a metal or glass straws from PlasticFreeHK

2. BYOB - Bring your own water bottle. We love the S'well bottles which comes in loads of different colours and patterns. 

3. Reuse & Recycle - Separate your plastics and glasses and cans. There are more refuse boxes around your neighbourhood than you may think.  

4. 4. Travel cup for your caffeine to save a $4 rebate at most coffeeshops and save the cash for a farm to table dinner.

5. Reusable bags- Just always carry one for the love of the earth. 

If you're inspired to live more zero waste in 2018, we love all the ideas from Plastic Free HK like switching to bees wax wrap instead of cling film to keep your food fresher for longer. We are also excited to see Live Zero opening up later this January for more zero waste options. For those of you really wanting to commit to zero waste this year, get you Zero Wast Home book by Bea Johnson who also spoke at Wonderfruit Festival in December. 


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