Crystal Focus - Red Tigers Eye


Tiger's eye has been known to bring courage and integrity and when it is exposed to elements such as heat, it can change in colour and healing properties.  Red tiger's eye or sometimes called Ox eye, is associated with motivation and passion. It is used as a support stone to help you think clearly and have courage to take action.

The two main sources of red tiger's eye are the Northern Cape Provence of South Africa and Thailand. It can also be mined in other parts of the world including Canada, China, India and Korea. 

It is believed that the red colour adds vitality to any projects you may be working on. It may also enhance your confidence as you overcome feelings of self criticism and help you stay focused as you work through a difficult situation. With it's many shades of red bands, it can open you up to your own creativity while keeping you grounded. 


Emotionally, red tiger's eye can balance yin and yang and serve as a wisdom stone for discernment and direction in times of uncertainty. As an additional healing, it can be used by people suffering mental conflict to think more clearly. 

Physically, tiger's eye has been used to clear sinus and visual problems. It's also believed that red tiger's eye can help ground sexual issues and increase a low sex drive and speed up a slow metabolism.

Seen as good luck, it's recommended for first time entrepreneurs by inspiring commitment to the new business and staying open to thinking in creative ways to approach new opportunities. 

Red tiger's eye is often associated with the root chakra for grounding to the earth element of fire for passion, vitality and self esteem. 


Photos sourced:
Shenzen Shengyao Decoration Material Co, Ltd.